Recycling Regulations for Calvert County

We all know that paper, plastic and glass are recyclable, but you may not be familiar with the recycling regulations for various other items you can find around your home. The situation can be more confusing when you move to a new home in a new area, since recycling regulations differ by county.

For the residents at The Harbours at Solomons Island, this means adhering to the recycling regulations of Calvert County, Maryland. If you’re a resident at The Harbours at Solomons Island and find yourself with an item you want to get rid of, and are unsure of whether or not it’s recyclable, you can consult the guide below to find out:

Paper products, such as newspaper, cardboard boxes, telephone books, magazines, mail, detergent boxes, clean food carton and juice boxes, and gift wrapping paper are all acceptable for recycling.

Examples of paper products that are NOT acceptable for recycling are: styrofoam egg cartons, used pizza boxes, waxed drinking cups, waxed boxes, waxed paper, used paper plates, and used napkins or tissues.

Accepted forms of commingle recycling (which include glass, cans and plastic items) are glass bottles, jars and jugs, metal and aluminum cans, foil, and empty aerosol containers, and plastic bottles, jars, jugs, and food and beverage containers.

Examples of commingle recycling that are NOT acceptable include drinking glasses, window glass, pottery, ceramics, styrofoam items, and paint and chemical aerosol items.

Shredded paper is accepted for recycling when placed in plastic bags.

Metal recycling, such as washers, lawn mowers, water heaters, dryers, grills, bicycles, aluminum siding and metal shelves can be recycled at the appeal landfill site and all customer convenience centers.

Freon appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and air containers can only be recycled at the appeal landfill site.

Automotive and industrial fluids, such as antifreeze, motor oil and transmission oil, can be recycled at the appeal landfill site and all customer convenience centers.

Oyster shells. Though the county won’t pick up oyster shells from individual homes, there are drop-off carts at the landfill and the county’s convenience centers. Each recycled shell can provide homes for 10 new oysters, so if you have a party with a lot of oysters, don’t throw away those shells when they’re empty!

If you have more questions about the recycling regulations in Calvert County, you can find more information on the county website here!