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Road Trips for Your Labor Day Weekend > read more

If you haven’t made plans for Labor Day weekend and are itching to travel, it’s not too late to hit the road! Our community’s central location in beautiful Solomons Island offers residents plenty of options for quick road trips. The less time you spend on the road, the more time you have to vacation and enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Charlottesville, Virginia

The Charlottesville area boasts a wide variety of beautiful wineries, so it’s the perfect option for wine lovers. If wine isn’t your beverage of choice, Charlottesville is still a beautiful option for a road trip! There are rolling hills, bright green landscapes and a charming downtown with lots of restaurant and retail options. History buffs will enjoy a visit to Thomas Jefferson’s famed plantation home, Monticello, or strolling through the University of Virginia campus.

Maryland and Delaware Beaches

Before summer comes to an end, perhaps one last beach trip is in your future? Take a quick drive to the Maryland or Delaware beaches! There are plenty of charming beach towns to choose from, including Ocean City, Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island, Dewey Beach, Rehoboth Beach and Lewes–and all boast distinct personalities and different attractions. If you’ve already been to one of the Maryland or Delaware beaches this summer, try staying in a different town this Labor Day weekend. Explore a new area while you soak up the last of the summer sun on the sand!

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

If you’re a history buff, Gettysburg could be the perfect option for a Labor Day weekend road trip! Key points of interest for those interested in Civil War-era history include the Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg Battlefield, Eisenhower National Historic Site, Shriver House Museum and Gettysburg National Cemetery. Gettysburg has a lot to offer in addition to the historical aspect–plenty of shops and restaurants, not to mention the scenic views around town!

3 Tips for End of Summer Fun > read more

We know it’s hard to to believe, but summer will soon be drawing to a close! That doesn’t mean the fun stops in our beautiful Maryland community. Our waterfront location simply means that summer is extra special at The Harbours at Solomons Island. Read on to learn more about how our residents can make the most of the remaining summer days and nights:

Enjoy a Maryland tradition. Did you know that the biggest and best crabs are available in late summer? We may be a little biased, but we think the best Maryland blue crabs can be found in our waterfront town! Invite family and friends over to your new Harbours at Solomons Island home and enjoy a traditional Maryland crab feast one last time before next year’s crabbing season.

Have some waterfront fun. Our residents will tell you–there’s nothing quite like being on the Patuxent River during the summer months! Enjoy our community’s marina and relax on the beach area in the beautiful late August weather, or if you’re feeling adventurous, grab a kayak and explore waters.

Take advantage of all that Solomons Island has to offer! The end of summer is the perfect time to stroll around beautiful downtown Solomons Island. There are plenty of charming restaurants, local boutiques and shops, and historical sites to enjoy. Don’t forget the boardwalk and pier. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee during sunrise, or an after dinner stroll during sunset. The end of summer is the perfect time to enjoy planned events in Solomons Island such as the Dragon Boat Festival at the end of August and live music at the Westlawn Inn. Check out this calendar of events for more information!

Baby Boomers Should Be Saving More for Retirement > read more

If you’re a member of the Baby Boomer generation, there’s a good chance you need to boost your retirement income, according to an article from Main Street. Senior citizens should be replacing 70% of their pre-retirement income with distributions from retirement savings, Social Security and other retirement income, the article states, but Baby Boomers are falling behind in saving for retirement.

So what does this mean? According to the article, it means that many Baby Boomers are underprepared for retirement. Statistics say that people over the age of 65 have an income that’s 60% of what pre-retirees are making, so Baby Boomers’ under preparedness for retirement is largely through no fault of their own.

There are several methods to help Baby Boomers become more prepared for retirement. Suggestions from the article include to delay receiving Social Security payments, saving more in the pre-retirement years and continuing to work a few years longer to allow more time for asset building.

If you wait until the age of 70, instead of 62, to begin receiving Social Security payments, those payments could increase as much as 76%, so this strategy could be an especially effective one for Baby Boomers looking to save more for retirement.

Another option for Boomers to save more in their pre-retirement years is become tax savvy. According to the Main Street article, becoming tax efficient and taking advantage of tax strategies can be beneficial when saving for retirement. Saving more money for retirement can be particularly challenging for those who are facing debt, and the Main Street article suggests consolidating loans for a faster payoff period to help with this issue.

SOURCE: Main Street

You’re Retired, Now What? > read more

Retirement is an incredibly exciting time for many active adults, but it can also be a daunting experience at first. You may be so used to the schedule of working life that you’re a little intimidated by all your newfound free time! At The Harbours at Solomons Island, we completely understand – so we’ve come up with the following list of what to do you when you’re newly retired!

Find a new hobby

There’s no better time than retirement to find a new hobby or passion, and the options are truly endless! Have you always wanted to discover your artistic side? Fancy yourself a mystery novel writer? Think you have the makings of a world class chef? Retirement is the time to explore all of the interests that you’ve always had, but have never had the time to pursue!

Focus on yourself

Retirement is an ideal time to take a step back and focus on your own well-being. You’ve likely spent the last twenty or thirty years putting family and career first – now it’s time to make sure your personal well-being is prioritized. Focusing on yourself can mean a lot of different things – taking care of your body and exercising regularly, setting personal goals, taking time out of each day to relax –but what’s important is that you’re doing what you need to do for you.

Travel to your heart’s content

Chances are, there are a few destinations you’ve wanted to visit but have never had the time. Retirement is the perfect chance to cross those destinations off your bucket list! Even if it’s just regionally – for example, our residents at The Harbours at Solomon’s Island can easily make a short trip out of various destinations in the mid-Atlantic – it’s important to get out there and experience all the fun that a new city and town has to offer!

Reconnect with old friends

It’s inevitable – as years pass, friendships can fade. Now that you’re retired, you have the time to go through the old phone book (or your Facebook, if you have an account!) and reconnect with old friends who may have fallen by the wayside.

Make the move to an active adult community

We may be a little biased, but we think the best activity for retirement is to start looking for your new home in an active adult community! 55+ communities are an excellent option for retired adults to live and have fun – just ask our residents at The Harbours at Solomons Island!

Making the Most of Your Senior Discount > read more

As any active adult will tell you, growing older comes with plenty of advantages. And one of those many benefits is the senior discount you get to enjoy! Most people associate senior discounts with dining, but there are many places where your senior discount will come in handy.


Many restaurants offer great senior discounts to their patrons. If you’re not sure about which restaurants offer discounts, or would like to learn more about specific details of those discounts, check out! One thing to keep in mind when researching restaurants, is that the deal could vary for individual locations of larger chains.



Though senior discounts for retail stores aren’t as well-known as senior discounts for restaurants, many retailers do offer senior discounts for apparel and more. Major retailers such as Kohl’s, Banana Republic, Ross Stores and Dress Barn offer some type of discount, according to a list by The Senior List.



Seniors love to have fun, and luckily, many entertainment options offer senior discounts so that active adults can have fun at a discounted price! From movie tickets to concerts to museums, there are a ton of options for senior discounts on entertainment offerings.



Active adults who love to travel should be sure to check and see if they can use a senior discount on flights, train tickets, car rentals, hotels and more. 

Residents at The Harbours at Solomon’s Island love to take advantage of the various dining, retail and entertainment in charming Solomon’s Island, and other nearby towns. Be sure to check out the senior discounts at your favorite spots to make a great experience even better!

SOURCE: The Senior List

Hi-Tech Ways to Stay Healthy > read more

Though it may be overwhelming to keep track of all the new apps and gadgets constantly introduced to the marketplace, but it could benefit you to keep track of these new technological advancements when it comes to your health.

Health related smartphone apps.

Many smartphone users use apps to keep track of their health. In fact, an article from  the AARP states that an impressive 20% of smartphone users have healthcare related apps! You can use apps for many healthcare related aspects, such as chronic pain monitoring, blood pressure and blood sugar tracking, and medication reminders.

Wristband devices.

Fitness tracking wristband devices aren’t just for the younger generations. Popular models include Fitbit, Basis, Mio and Misfit, and while price points and functionality vary among models, all are excellent options for monitoring health metrics. With these fitness tracking wristband devices, you can monitor metrics such as daily steps, caloric intake, heart rate and your sleeping pattern.

Online medical portals.

Many medical providers are now using online medical portals, which can provide convenience for you as a patient! Online medical portals allow you to fill prescriptions, manage appointments and view medical records online. Check with your medical provider to see if they’re using an online medical portal.

Electronic doctor and nurse visits.

Various websites offer electronic and online “visits” with a licensed doctor or nurse. This is a great option if you want a quick opinion for a minor medical issue and aren’t able to travel to a medical office or get an appointment as soon as you’d like.


Campus vs. Online Learning – Which Is the Best For You? > read more

If you’ve ever considered pursuing continuing education in your active adult years, you’re not alone! Plenty of 55+ adults decide that higher education is a great choice for them to keep their mind sharp, learn new subjects and have fun too.

If you’ve decided that continuing education is something you’re interested in, there are a lot of choices for subject matters and classes to take – but first, there’s a big decision you have to make: Will you take your classes on a physical campus, or in an online environment?

There’s no “right” answer, and whichever option you decide should be based on what best suits your personality, lifestyle and learning style. When trying to decide between campus learning and online learning for continuing education, active adults should consider the following:

1. Those who prefer a more traditional style of learning will likely flourish best in a campus environment. Though modern day technology does allow for student-teacher and student-student interaction in an online environment, some students simply prefer the face-to-face interaction that a physical classroom setting provides.

2. If you’re a social butterfly, campus classes may be the best option for you. Again, online classes do offer the ability to interact with fellow classmates, but those who are interested in the social aspect of learning may enjoy interacting with their fellow classmates in person, in a campus setting.

3. There may be more nearby options for campus classes than you think – residents at The Harbours at Solomons Island who are interested in classes should check this list of community colleges in Maryland.

4. If you’re looking for a more flexible schedule, online classes are likely the perfect option for you. Typically, you can take online classes on your own time and can work them into your current schedule, however you’d like.

5. If you’re also disinterested in a commute to your campus, online classes are the obvious choice. You can take them from the comfort of your own home and you won’t have to worry about driving to and from campus.

6. Just because classes are online doesn’t mean that they’re only for the technologically advanced. You may be surprised at how easy it is to navigate the programs for many online classes!

7. It may sound surprising, but many online classes offer a lot of options for interaction with fellow students and teachers alike. Methods of online communication, including email and video chatting, means you won’t be isolated if you have a question for the instructor, or need to work on an assignment with a classmate.

Once you decide on campus learning or online learning, the next step is to decide which types of classes you’re interested in taking – and the sky’s the limit for active adults to learn new subjects and broaden their horizons with continuing education!

The Benefits of Swimming > read more

With summer in full swing, our community outdoor pool is a popular destination for the residents at The Harbours at Solomons Island. Swimming at the pool is a great option to have fun and stay cool, but did you know that swimming is also an excellent way to stay fit and active? If you’ve never tried swimming as a form of exercise, there are a lot of reasons why you should.

Multi-muscle workout. You use almost all of your muscles when you swim, so it’s a great option for an all-over workout.

Healthy heart and lungs. The cardio component of swimming means that it’s a great option to help maintain a healthy heart and lungs.

Low impact. In high impact forms of exercise, such as running, your joints and body become stressed. The buoyancy of water means that swimmers can move easier in water than they could on land, making it a low impact exercise. The low impact aspect of swimming makes it an especially great exercise options for 55+ adults who may have joint problems.

Builds muscle. Both your heart muscles and other muscles in your body become stronger when you swim. Swimming is also a great way to tone your muscles!

Improved posture and coordination. Posture and coordination are both extremely important to maintain as we age – and swimming helps to improve both.

Mental health. Just as important as physical health, your mental health can be improved by swimming! Many swimmers find the exercise to reduce stress and be relaxing and peaceful.

If you’ve never tried swimming for exercise purposes, check with your doctor before starting – which is a good idea before beginning any new exercise regime. After that, it’s time to grab your goggles and head to the pool at The Harbours at Solomons Island to reap all the benefits of swimming. . . . And don’t forget to stretch!

SOURCE:, Bucknell University

Making the Most of Your Active Adult Community > read more

So you’ve just moved into your dream house in the perfect active adult community, located in a great location – now what? Well, now it’s time to make the most of your new active adult community! If you’re not sure where to start, read on to learn more about the different ways you can enjoy your new 55+ community to the fullest.

Check out the amenities:

One of the most exciting aspects of any active adult community is the array of amenities, and exploring them is key to making the most of your new home. For our residents at The Harbours at Solomons Island, this means taking advantage of our excellent amenities, many of which complement the waterfront lifestyle our residents love.

Community amenities at The Harbours at Solomons Island include a marina with protected deep water slips, a beach area, a kayak launch, a waterside clubhouse, state-of-the art fitness center, outdoor pool, planned neighborhood parks, and beautiful biking and walking trails winding throughout our community.

Take advantage of the social events:

Whether they’re events planned by the community or by the residents, taking advantage of social events is absolutely key to making the most of your new active adult community! By doing so, you’ll meet your neighbors, make new lifelong friends and be able to enjoy your new community with them. Many residents who move to an active adult community begin to have an incredibly exciting and fun-filled social life – just ask our residents at The Harbours at Solomons Island! Examples of exciting upcoming events in our community include The Chesapeake Orchestra at River Concert Series and Lore Oyster House Days.

Explore the surrounding area:

It may sound counterintuitive, but one of the best ways you can make the most of your new active adult community is by leaving it – to explore the surrounding town! Though there are many options for fun without ever leaving the community, it’s likely that you’re going to want to dine and partake in activities outside the community, too.

For our residents at The Harbours at Solomons Island, this means exploring charming Solomons Island, which was named one of the country’s best seaside towns by Coastal Living. Wineries, museums, fine dining, shopping, entertainment options and festivals are all exciting things for our residents to explore in nearby Solomons Island.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors > read more

So, you have your brand new, beautiful new construction home at The Harbours at Solomons Island, and you’ve decorated it impeccably. But maybe it still seems like something’s missing. If so, it may be time to bring a little bit of the outdoors, indoors!

Indoor plants can do wonders to brighten up a room and complement other features of your home. Follow our tips for indoor gardening to help add some greenery to your home at The Harbours at Solomons Island:

1. Just the right amount of water.

Did you know that overwatering a plant can be just as detrimental to its survival as underwatering? Certain factors in your home will affect the dryness of the soil, so it’s hard to give a universal rule as to how much and often you should water. A general indicator is to touch the soil – if it’s dry on the surface and the tag says to water steadily, it’s time to water. Allow the top inch of the soil to dry before watering if the tags says “water moderately.”

2. Pay attention to the instructions on the amount of light.

Keep the plant in direct sunshine for six hours a day if the tag says “direct light” and for four hours a day if the tag says “moderate light.” “Indirect light” means the plant should be kept a few feet away from direct sunlight at all times, and “low light” means that the plant really doesn’t need to be in a room with much sunlight at all. You may not know off the top of your head how much sunlight a certain part of your house receives, so you should observe the amount of sunlight different rooms receive throughout the day before deciding where to place your plants.

3. Be picky about your plants!

When you’re shopping for your house plants, not just any plant will do. Make sure the plants you’re picking out for your home have firm foliage and healthy leaves.

4. Consider alternatives to terra-cotta.

For the plant pot, consider an alternative to terra-cotta, such as fiberglass or resin. These materials hold moisture longer, so will come in handy if you often forget to water your plants. Although moisture evaporates through terra-cotta, it’s still a classic and durable material to use if that’s your preference!

With some practice, time, and a little new knowledge, you’ll be an indoor plant expert in no time!

SOURCE: Real Simple