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Classic Group, builder and developer of the active adult community, The Harbours at Solomons Island, is thrilled to partner with the area’s premier REALTOR® Mary Lynn Stone of Century 21 New Millennium.

Mary Lynn is currently President of NM Management, Inc., the parent company of all NM’s real estate service companies including Century 21 New Millennium, 1st County Mortgage and Bay County Title and Escrow. She has direct responsibility for overseeing the operation of 12 Century 21 New Millennium real estate offices throughout Virginia and Maryland, and is a 30-year veteran of the real estate industry. Mary Lynn also serves as Member at Large with the Tri-County Council of Southern Maryland, and in the past has been a member of the Economic Planning Growth and Protection Committee for the State of Maryland.

Mary Lynn is a long time resident of St. Mary’s County. Her experience and knowledge of the local community is a valuable asset to those looking to move. Are you an empty-nester and realizing your house is too big, requires too much upkeep and are ready to downsize? Maybe you are satisfied with your property, but it’s in an inconvenient location and too far from friends and family. Whatever your situation, if your home and your neighborhood no longer fits your needs, the time is probably right to sell and find a location that’s better for your lifestyle.

The Harbours at Solomons Island offers single family and carriage homes in the low $300s, one-level living and a low maintenance lifestyle, open floorplans perfect for entertaining, and a wide variety of community amenities. If you are considering downsizing, Mary Lynn Stone and her team are ready to help you every step of the way.

Contact her directly or fill out the form below. Phone: 301-862-2169, Email:


Getting Top Dollar When Selling Your Home > read more

If you’ve ever sold your home, you know the main goal is to sell for the highest amount possible, and to the right buyer. This shouldn’t be a surprise–Who wouldn’t want top dollar for their home?–but it’s sometimes easier in theory than in practice.

If you’re planning to sell your home soon, the key is to have as many interested buyers as possible. And the key to having as many interested buyers as possible is making sure your home is showing in the best way possible! When potential new buyers experience a positive showing experience, they can envision themselves living in the home, which leads to a better chance of an offer for you!

Follow these tips to get your home ready for showing, so that you can get top dollar when it’s time to sell:

Declutter and deep clean.

First impressions are everything, right? This is especially true for potential buyers touring your home. A slightly mess may not seem like a big deal to you, but it can make a difference for a buyer’s impression of how much work needs to go into the home. Keep this tip in mind: You want your home to show as pristine as a model home would, so buyers can easily see themselves living there.

Update the lighting.

You’ll hear it time and time again–good lighting is essential. Updating the lights throughout your home will help display your rooms to the best of their potential, and in the long run, it will be worth the investment to hire a professional electrician for the updates.

Neutralize your home.

A little bit of paint can go a long way! Turning the color scheme of your home to a neutral palette will help make the showing experience the best experience. Beyond painting the walls, other fixes to neutralize your home include refinishing wood floors and replacing old carpets and rugs. It can truly make a world of difference in the showing experience!

Cater to your demographic.

Know what type of homebuyer you’re trying to target, and stage your home accordingly. For example, if your target demographic is a couple with children, you can temporarily turn your guest room into a kids room–complete with bunk beds and toys–so that your potential new homebuyers can really envision the home working for their family.

SOURCE: The Washington Post

Recycling Regulations for Calvert County > read more

We all know that paper, plastic and glass are recyclable, but you may not be familiar with the recycling regulations for various other items you can find around your home. The situation can be more confusing when you move to a new home in a new area, since recycling regulations differ by county.

For the residents at The Harbours at Solomons Island, this means adhering to the recycling regulations of Calvert County, Maryland. If you’re a resident at The Harbours at Solomons Island and find yourself with an item you want to get rid of, and are unsure of whether or not it’s recyclable, you can consult the guide below to find out:

Paper products, such as newspaper, cardboard boxes, telephone books, magazines, mail, detergent boxes, clean food carton and juice boxes, and gift wrapping paper are all acceptable for recycling.

Examples of paper products that are NOT acceptable for recycling are: styrofoam egg cartons, used pizza boxes, waxed drinking cups, waxed boxes, waxed paper, used paper plates, and used napkins or tissues.

Accepted forms of commingle recycling (which include glass, cans and plastic items) are glass bottles, jars and jugs, metal and aluminum cans, foil, and empty aerosol containers, and plastic bottles, jars, jugs, and food and beverage containers.

Examples of commingle recycling that are NOT acceptable include drinking glasses, window glass, pottery, ceramics, styrofoam items, and paint and chemical aerosol items.

Shredded paper is accepted for recycling when placed in plastic bags.

Metal recycling, such as washers, lawn mowers, water heaters, dryers, grills, bicycles, aluminum siding and metal shelves can be recycled at the appeal landfill site and all customer convenience centers.

Freon appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and air containers can only be recycled at the appeal landfill site.

Automotive and industrial fluids, such as antifreeze, motor oil and transmission oil, can be recycled at the appeal landfill site and all customer convenience centers.

Oyster shells. Though the county won’t pick up oyster shells from individual homes, there are drop-off carts at the landfill and the county’s convenience centers. Each recycled shell can provide homes for 10 new oysters, so if you have a party with a lot of oysters, don’t throw away those shells when they’re empty!

If you have more questions about the recycling regulations in Calvert County, you can find more information on the county website here!

Love Oysters? Don’t Miss This Event! > read more

If oysters are your mollusk of choice and you’re going to be in town this weekend, you’re in luck! Mark your calendars for this Saturday, October 15 and Sunday, October 16 for the 50th Annual U.S. Oyster Festival in St. Mary’s County.  

One of the most popular and oldest oyster festivals in the nation, St. Mary’s U.S Oyster Festival has plenty to do, see and taste at the St. Mary’s County Fairground. Perhaps most exciting are the two competitions – the National Oyster Cook-Off and the U.S. National Oyster Shucking Championship.

Here’s an outline of events for the festival, which can also be found on the St. Mary’s tourism website:

Saturday, October 15

-The National Oyster Cook-Off kicks of at 10:30 am, with awards in the afternoon

-The National Shucking Competition kicks off at noon, with two different competitions the Amateur Shucking and Masters Shucking Competition

-Evening concert begins at 6:30 pm

Sunday, October 16

-Cooking demonstrations and the continuation of the Shucking Competition, all day!

For oyster lovers, there will be a wide variety of unique and delicious oysters and oyster dishes to please your palate. According to the St. Mary’s Tourism site, over 150,000 oysters are served at the festival every year! But not everyone loves oysters, and if you’re one of those people, there’s still plenty to do and see!

Oyster aficionados and those who aren’t a fan of the bivalve can both enjoy various types of seafood, local wine, craft beer and domestic beer, live music on three different stages, arts and crafts vendors, and family-friendly entertainment for children. There’s really something for everyone!

For our residents at The Harbours at Solomons Island, the U.S. Oyster Festival in St. Mary’s County is just one of the many exciting festivals and events that are hosted in the local area every year. It’s just one more reason out of many to love living at The Harbours at Solomons Island!

Tips for Avoiding Scammers > read more

If you’ve never been a victim of an attempted or successful scam, you probably know someone who has been. Unfortunately, the proliferation of technology has allowed scammers to receive more information about consumers than ever before, but there are several steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones from a scam. Read on to learn more about our top tips for avoiding scammers!

Ignore Robocalls

You’re likely familiar with those pesky, pre-recorded telephone calls, even if you’re a member of the Federal Trade Commission’s “Do Not Call” list. It’s illegal for companies to call members of the “Do Not Call” list, so if you do receive one of these calls it’s an illegitimate company trying to scam you. If you receive a robocall, hang up immediately. Many of these calls will prompt you to “press 1” to stop receiving calls, but what this actually does is flag your phone number as active so that other scammers know to call you, too.

Be Wary of Imposters

Scammers will oftentimes pose as someone in authority – such as a government official or someone you know like a family member – in an attempt to gain your trust before asking for money or valuable information. One example is known as the “Grandparent Scam,” where scammers find out your family information and call a grandparent, pretending to be the grandchild (of friend of the grandchild). The scammer will pretend to be in trouble, asking the grandparent for money to help. Always verify the identity of who is calling or emailing, especially when asking for money or your personal information.

Don’t Pay Anything Upfront

Scammers will try to have you pay for a service or a good upfront, promising to deliver later. If this happens to you, it’s a red flag! You need to be 100% sure a person or company is legitimate before transferring or paying any money. Once you give a scammer what they want, you will never hear from them again, or worse, you will never receive the good you were promised in exchange for the transaction.

Get on Google!

If you receive an email, text message or phone call from a company or person who seems suspect, there’s information on the Internet from people who have received similar communication. Some light investigation on Google will help you know if a company is legitimate. Try Googling the name of the company, good be offered, or even phone number or email address.

Stay up-to-date on the latest tips for avoiding scams from the Federal Trade Commission via their email list, here.

SOURCE: The Federal Trade Commission

How to Welcome Your New Neighbors > read more

Remember the first time you moved into a new neighborhood as an adult? It’s certainly an exciting time, but can also be a stressful one. First, there’s the stress of moving – but there can also be anxiety and nervousness with meeting new neighbors and friends.

We can all sympathize with this feeling, which is also why we encourage you to welcome new neighbors to your community. It’s an incredibly nice gesture, and can help ease the stress of moving for new residents, especially in our Solomons Island community.

There are also some practical benefits associated with welcoming new neighbors. Giving a good first impression can lead to a solid friendship, which can benefit you down the road. For example, your neighbors might help watch after your house when you’re on vacation, pet sit your furry friends, or simply be there for you when you need an extra hand.

Check out our recommended tips for getting to know your new neighbors!

Tip #1: Make a First Impression

It’s as simple as walking up to the new neighbors’ door, giving it a knock and introducing yourself! However, you may want to wait a few days after they’ve moved to give them some time to settle in the community. Consider forming a neighborhood welcoming committee to join you if you’re more comfortable introducing yourself with others around.

Tip #2: Prepare a Welcome Basket

Consider creating a welcome basket – which could include a map of Solomons Island, tips for things to do and places to see like the Annmarie Sculpture Garden, and gift cards to local restaurants like the town favorite–Tiki Bar! Stop by the Visitors Center in Solomons Island for ideas and maps you can include in your welcome basket.

Tip #3: Bake or Cook Your Favorite Dessert or Dish

One of the most popular methods for welcoming new neighbors is to bring over a dessert or dish! And we’ll let you in on a secret – it doesn’t have to be made from scratch. Just be considerate of any possible food allergies when you’re deciding what to serve.

Tip #4: Host a Welcoming Party

If you love to plan events and entertain, this could be the perfect option for you! Host a welcoming party – whether it’s dinner, cocktails, or brunch – for the new neighbors. Invite a handful of other neighbors to help the new residents feel right at home!

Ideas for the Ultimate Tailgating Party > read more

September is here, and you know what that means – it’s football season! Whether you’re a diehard fan or more interested in other sports, football season is still a great excuse to spend time with family and friends on the weekends.

If you ask us, the next best thing to having season tickets, is hosting neighbors in your new Solomons Island home. But, before you kick-off that tailgate celebration, here are a few tips to make it your best tailgating party yet!

Football food galore.

Arguably one of the most important parts of any football-related event is the food! The opportunities for menu items are endless. For ideas, try searching “football party food” on Pinterest.

We suggest plenty of finger foods options that are easy to consume and will keep your guests happy and full. Don’t forget the classics! Everyone loves a selection of wings, buffalo dip and nachos. Or, search for healthier alternatives of your favorites and look for recipes that contain extra veggies and less sugar. Whichever route you take, the options are endless! Just be sure to provide enough for all your hungry football fans.

Drinks on deck.

Odds are, most of your guests will reach for a refreshing drink even before kick-off. To prevent a football party foul, keep a few coolers on your new screened-in porch, stocked with ice. Don’t forget to provide a variety of beverages–both non-alcohol and alcoholic for your guests. It’s a great idea to keep one cooler on reserve in case guests bring their own refreshments to share. Depending on what you offer, have some drink accessories on hand as well–cups, wine glasses, bottle openers and koozies!

Decorate for the occasion.

Sometimes the best part of a party is an excuse to decorate! A tailgating party is the perfect excuse to check out your local craft store for ideas. Add some DIY flair to your home to add a bit of festivity to the occasion. If you prefer to shy away from crafts, simply incorporate some of the colors of your favorite team into the decor of your home, or opt for food accessories that contain your team’s colors.

Other options for fun!

For those guests who are more interested in the social aspects of your tailgate, have other options available for those who prefer to ignore the game. Everyone loves a little cornhole, especially when we’re talking fall weather in Solomons Island!

The First Steps to Take When You Move > read more

Moving into a new home is undoubtedly a stressful experience. However, there are several steps you can take to make sure it’s as less-stressful as possible.

Steam clean carpets.

There’s nothing better than fresh carpets when you move into your new home! It’s a great idea to steam clean your carpets before you move your furniture into your new home.

Check for plumbing leaks.

The home inspector for your new home should check for plumbing leaks, but it never hurts to double check yourself. Dripping faucets, leaking water heaters, and running toilets can all lead to unfortunate water leaks that can put a serious damper – no pun intended – on your moving experience.

Wipe out your new cabinets.

Before moving all of your kitchen essentials into your new kitchen cabinets, give them a quick wipe down so they’re ready and clean! It’s tough to clean out those hard to reach crumbs and dust once your tupperware and spices move in, so it’s a good idea to do a deep clean before you start to unpack.

Buying a new home is an exciting experience, and these tips will help make it as stress-less as possible so you can start enjoying your new home right away!


4 Low Impact Exercises to Try > read more

Is it difficult to find a workout that doesn’t hurt your joints? Many forms of exercise incorporate motions that can be very difficult for active adults who have arthritis or joint problems.

For adults who have these issues–or anyone looking to give their joints a break–low-impact exercise is key. Low-impact exercise can give you the cardio and muscular benefits you need,, while going easy on your joints.

1. Swimming.

Swimming is just about as low-impact as you can get! The resistance of water is both easy on joints and makes the whole body work. It’s an excellent cardio workout that also builds muscle.

2. Yoga.

Yoga builds flexibility, strength and all-over fitness while offering a low-impact on your joints. It’s a great option for using all your muscle groups and is known for offering both mental, as well as physical benefits.

3. Walking.

We can’t stress enough how beneficial it is to walk–and it’s easy on your joints! To gain maximum benefit, do walk briskly and with good posture. If you’re new to walking for exercise, try just a ten minute walk the first week, increasing your time by 10% each week that follows. Residents at The Harbours at Solomons Island have plenty of space to roam, especially among the picturesque waterfront of our town!

4. Cycling.

The Harbours at Solomons Island is great for another beneficial low-impact exercise–cycling!

Bike riding is both enjoyable and a wonderful way to get in a little cardio, while going easy on your joints. If you’re just starting out, be sure to get properly fitting for your bike, ensuring you’ll have the most comfortable ride and will prevent any unnecessary knee pain.