The Harbours At Solomons Island contains several buildings that were constructed as part of the US Naval Amphibious Training Base (ATB).

The ATB was established in 1942 to train soldiers in the use of amphibious landing equipment that was famously deployed in the European and Pacific theaters in WWII. While short-lived, the ATB and the work accomplished there was crucial to the success of the American military effort. Courtesy of the Calvert Museum (www.calvertmarinemuseum.org), here are images to enjoy a look back on what used to be in this location.

The Harbours At Solomons Island’s plan has always called to adaptively reuse one of the structures, the Senior Officers’ Quarters, which is listed as CT-800 on the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties. The decision to use the Quarters as part of the planned community has been well-thought out to ensure history is never forgotten; always applauded and recognized.

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