4 Low Impact Exercises to Try

Is it difficult to find a workout that doesn’t hurt your joints? Many forms of exercise incorporate motions that can be very difficult for active adults who have arthritis or joint problems.

For adults who have these issues–or anyone looking to give their joints a break–low-impact exercise is key. Low-impact exercise can give you the cardio and muscular benefits you need,, while going easy on your joints.

1. Swimming.

Swimming is just about as low-impact as you can get! The resistance of water is both easy on joints and makes the whole body work. It’s an excellent cardio workout that also builds muscle.

2. Yoga.

Yoga builds flexibility, strength and all-over fitness while offering a low-impact on your joints. It’s a great option for using all your muscle groups and is known for offering both mental, as well as physical benefits.

3. Walking.

We can’t stress enough how beneficial it is to walk–and it’s easy on your joints! To gain maximum benefit, do walk briskly and with good posture. If you’re new to walking for exercise, try just a ten minute walk the first week, increasing your time by 10% each week that follows. Residents at The Harbours at Solomons Island have plenty of space to roam, especially among the picturesque waterfront of our town!

4. Cycling.

The Harbours at Solomons Island is great for another beneficial low-impact exercise–cycling!

Bike riding is both enjoyable and a wonderful way to get in a little cardio, while going easy on your joints. If you’re just starting out, be sure to get properly fitting for your bike, ensuring you’ll have the most comfortable ride and will prevent any unnecessary knee pain.